Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well, Jordan is telling me that I need to post about the kids baseball. Sign ups were all of this week for all 3 of the kids (softball for Ash). So, being the good dad that he is Jordan took all of them to practice in order to be ready for tryouts.
They ended up going to the high school field to play and the coach just happened to be there with his son. So, needless to say, he was kind of scoping Shaun out! From what Jordan had to say he seemed really excited to see him, was way impressed with his hitting, and also that he was a leftie! When he found out that Shaun also pitches, Jordan said there was a little gleam in his eye! To bad he won't be able to use him this season. :) His tryouts for teams will be later this month.
Connor had his tryouts this afternoon and he was one of the best players there. He was one of the two boys that were able to throw the ball from short to 1st and the only one to have strong outfield hits.
Ashlee will have her tryouts on Wednesday, which I am sure she won't disappoint either.
They also have entered a youth golf tournament for later this week, they are excited to compete and see if they are good enough to win any prizes, the pair of Nike shoes that comes with playing doesn't hurt either!
It will definitely be interesting to see how it goes having 3 kids to shuttle around to practices and games with no family to help! It will be good to get them involved in some extra-curricular activities though.

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Sarah said...

How exciting!!! I'm not surprised one bit! I'll look forward to seeing more updates & pictures once games begin!