Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well, Jordan is telling me that I need to post about the kids baseball. Sign ups were all of this week for all 3 of the kids (softball for Ash). So, being the good dad that he is Jordan took all of them to practice in order to be ready for tryouts.
They ended up going to the high school field to play and the coach just happened to be there with his son. So, needless to say, he was kind of scoping Shaun out! From what Jordan had to say he seemed really excited to see him, was way impressed with his hitting, and also that he was a leftie! When he found out that Shaun also pitches, Jordan said there was a little gleam in his eye! To bad he won't be able to use him this season. :) His tryouts for teams will be later this month.
Connor had his tryouts this afternoon and he was one of the best players there. He was one of the two boys that were able to throw the ball from short to 1st and the only one to have strong outfield hits.
Ashlee will have her tryouts on Wednesday, which I am sure she won't disappoint either.
They also have entered a youth golf tournament for later this week, they are excited to compete and see if they are good enough to win any prizes, the pair of Nike shoes that comes with playing doesn't hurt either!
It will definitely be interesting to see how it goes having 3 kids to shuttle around to practices and games with no family to help! It will be good to get them involved in some extra-curricular activities though.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fires and Growing Kids

I'm sure that everyone has seen on the news about all of the fires going on here in California. I just wanted to let you all know that we are fine, I very seriously doubt that any of them will get near us. It looks like on the news that most of them are in hilly, mountainous areas that have had communities built in, which is not the type of area that we are in. Being here for such a short time I have absolutely no idea how far they are located from us, but we do have "the smoke smell" in the air, not bad enough to kick my asthma up, thank goodness.

So, Ashlee informed me before we went to church last week that her shoes were pretty tight on her. Today I took her to Target to get some new ones, and I will bet that NO ONE will be able to guess what kind she ended up getting!
The child is really growing up, once she saw the black patent leather type, there was no convincing her otherwise. She also decided that she wanted some heels, I thought girls didn't want heels until they got older, apparently I was wrong.
It's not only church shoes we needed to get her, she needed a new skirt. So, I had to take her to the WOMENS department. She almost fit into a size two, it's just a tiny bit to big, nothing we can't fix with a couple of safety pins.
It looks like my daughter and I will be wearing the same size shoes and clothes within the matter of a few months!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Tonight our ward had it's annual Trunk or Treat. If you think you've done Trunk or Treating before (like I did), our ward goes WAY over and above the normal.
First we had dinner of hot dogs, and pot luck salads, then the Primary orgainized TONS of different games for the kids to play.
I was recently call to be the Assistant Activity Days Leader, our girls were in charge of the cupcake walk, Ashlee helped with the quarter drop and Shaun helped with the basketball, not to leave Connor out, the cub scouts put up decorations at their last meeting. So, we all put in our share of helping the night be successful.
There was a spook alley, bowling, plinko (Price is Right), penny pitch, pumpkin bocce, spider ring toss, and the balloon pop. The kids then presented us with a costume parade, with super cute costumes. Then FINALLY it came time for Trunk or Treat, EVERYONE decorated their cars to the MAX! I was getting worried that we wouldn't be able to "keep up with the Jones'", but we came out just fine.
Jordan unfortunately wasn't able to attend considering that he is in Huntsville, AL for another week. He definately missed out on lots of fun! Can't wait for the Christmas party!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The First Week of School

The first week of school is officially over!!! I think the kids really enjoyed it, everyday when they got home they couldn't stop talking, especially about how different everything is.
Get this, the milk comes in baggies, not in carton like we've had all of our lives. See thru zip lock type baggies, I told Ash she needs to take a picture of it for me so we can post it for you all to see.
Connor has made friends already, not surprising considering how outgoing the kid is. Shaun and Ashlee are still working at it, Shaun did say there is a girl in 4 of his classes that is pretty cute though. Dad liked to hear that, he's been trying to get him to talk to girls at the beach all summer long! Ashlee met a girl in PE, which her and Shaun have the same period, just not the same teacher (but they like to combine sometimes). So I think overall they are slowly starting to meet new people and feel a little more comfortable.
We did just find out that Jordan will have to start traveling again in October. There isn't enough work for him to do with Boeing so they have to send him to Alabama to do some work with NASA for a couple of weeks each month until things pick up here. Yes, we did think that was done, but all I can think of is at least he still has a job!
He does, but I don't yet, I've applied for a few things this week so I haven't heard anything from anyone yet. Everything that I did at the hospital before I would have to re certify for with California AGAIN which is $500-$700, and I don't particularly want to pay that again right now. So we will just have to see what I can find with the schedule I want but, I will keep you posted.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trip Home to Utah

The kids and I came home for a week while Jordan's roommate was in town, much to our surprise mom & dad had painted the outside of their house. It's alot different than what we are used to, but I think it looks nice.

One of the afternoons we tok a trip up the canyon and had lunch with 2 of my sisters and their kids. We took the kids to the base of Bridal Veil Falls and let them play in the water for a little while. Looks like they had fun. What do you think???

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wild Animal Park

The last of July we went down to Oceanside to visit with Jordan's Grandpa Bennett and Grandma Jean for a few days. To keep the kids occupied I took them to the Wild Animal Park for one day. Aside from it being ALOT warmer than what we are used to here in California, the park is HUGE and everything is sooo spaced out, it felt like we were walking forever! But in the end the kids had alot of fun and enjoyed themselves.

Here's Ashlee in the Bubble Show!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our First Earthquake

As most of you may already know, there was an earthquake on Tuesday July 29th @ 11:42 pac time that was just east of Los Angeles that was a 5.4.
It was the first earthquake that the kids and I have ever experienced, maybe I should say Shaun and I, Ashlee and Connor didn't even have a clue that it had happened.
I was taking a nap at the time and woke up to the feeling of someone kicking my bed, seeing the blinds swinging back and forth and hearing the windows shake (like with the strong winds back in Utah).
I was kindof dissoriented then Jordan called about 30 seconds later asking if I felt it, he said that it was the strongest one he's felt since he's been out here.
But, were all fine and safe, nothing even fell off of a shelf or anything. I think the kids were more excited that it happened then scared, like it was an amusement park ride, makes me think we need to get their attitudes changed about that.